The Kaitohutohu team are trained community health workers who provide options and advice support to Otara families in need.

Kaitohutohu home visiting service

A number of people in Otara are challenged with a variety of issues and problems. Sometimes these can become too overwhelming and people don’t know where to go and what to do. It may feel easier sometimes just to give up.  While the Kaitohutohu service is not a case management service, the team are there to provide advice and support to people in need. They link people to the appropriate social support service best equipped to help them to get things sorted and back on track.

The Kaitohutohu team come from the community, have an excellent understanding of the community, and speak the languages of the community. They are non-judgmental, respectful and strength-based in their approach.

Generally people are referred to the Kaitohutohu service from other agencies. Referrals come from Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, Plunket, Schools, Truancy service, Youth offending team, Otara Police, Family Start, Family Violence Inter Agency Response Service Team, Teen Parent units, Child, Youth and Family Services, and other community organisations and government agencies.

The Kaitohutohu worker will assist not just the person referred, but the whole family. They will take the time needed with them, to explain what services are available in our community and how they might help.  Often one visit will be sufficient, with follow up calls made later by the Kaitohutohu worker to ensure that the service provided is effective and helping to get things sorted and back on track.

The Kaitohutohu service is free.

Safe Sleep Education and Pepi-Pods

The Kaitohutohu team are all trained to provide education and support on smokefree and safe sleep. We are part of the Pepi-pod programme developed by Change for our Children and aimed at supporting families in protecting their children from avoidable deaths in infancy (SUDI). With a grant from the SkyCity Community Trust we purchased a number of pepi-pods which we provide free of charge to families in the community whose babies are considered high risk of SUDI.

A Pepi- pod is a general purpose storage box that converts to a baby sized bed with the addition of an attractive cover, fitting mattress and bedding. It offers babies a protected space when they sleep in, or on, an adult bed, on a couch, in a makeshift setting, or away from home.

For more information on the Pepi-pod programme see their website.

To find out more about how to refer a family for a pepi-pod or receive the pepi-pod education please contact the Kaitohutohu team on 274 4340.