Teen Parents

Dads of Otara

Since 2011 we have been developing and offering a programme for Teen Fathers.  The programme is designed to address a range of needs commonly faced by Teen Parents, such as how to manage the new role of being a father or mother and how to be positively involved in their baby’s life and the financial, legal, employment and educational issues they are often faced with.

While running the programme we learnt that the teen mothers also wanted to be involved. We therefore also incorporate sessions for the fathers and mothers to attend together as well as separately. Over the last two years, this has developed into a Teen Parents service.

Both the young men and women have the option of having a mentor that they can link with for on-going support and guidance.

The opportunity to engage runs throughout the year, with mentoring available also. There is no charge for the programme. If the young men would like to take up the offer of the driver’s licence then 50% of the driving test is covered, provided that they pass the test.

If you are interested in learning more about the Teen Parenting programmes or Mentoring support please contact Michelle on 274 8355 or by e-mail: Michelle@otarahealth.org.nz