Our Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) was set up when the organisation changed from an incorporated society to become a charitable trust. The group brings together people who represent the community and who can support the Board and the CEO in ensuring that, in line with the organisational vision and goals, the needs of the Otara people are identified and reflected in the annual plan. The CAG members also support the CEO with advice and enables the organisation to have more extensive programme reach and engagement of the community.

Current CAG members:

Elizabeth Tuimalu (Samoan Representative) CAG Chairperson

Lin Kaiou (Social Services Representative)

Tai Tupa (Cook Islands Representative)

Maggie Kemp (Maori Representative)

Fane Malieti Tu’iha’angana (Health Representative)

Louisa Lavakula (Niuean Representative)

Joseph Liava’a (Tongan Representative)

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