With a guitar, under a tree or over a feed.

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

For some years, the Otara Health Charitable Trust (OHCT) has been running parenting programmes for new parents, courses which have targeted solo mothers and young couples.

In 2014 the Trust recognised that there was a need for a course for teenage fathers, and therefore targeted them and encouraged them to participate in weekend camps and regular evening activities where they were mentored by other men who had had similar life experiences. Subsequently, at the request of the OHCT, Manukau Institute of Technology counselling students, guided by their lecturer, undertook a project to evaluate the effectiveness of this teen fathers programme. At the time these students were a small class of seven, undertaking their research course partway through the fourth semester of their studies for their counselling degree.

We are very grateful to the wonderful people from MIT who generously undertook this work as a free service to our community, helping to tell the story of the struggle and success too experienced by our Young Dads of Otara and their whanau.

The oral story related to us by Cath Dickey about her own experience and that of her capable team, when researching and interviewing these young families was moving in itself.

Click on the link immediately below to read the evaluation published.

With a guitar, under a tree or over a feed