Child Disability Allowance (CDA) Evaluation Report Launched

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

The purpose of the study is to examine the rate of CDA received amongst families in Otara.  A previous report by Child Poverty Action Group ‘It shouldn’t be this hard: children, poverty and disability’ (2015), found that the CDA is underpaid and difficult for families to access. The present exploratory study follows on from this and sets out to examine the current level of access to the CDA amongst families in Otara, and to identify ways of improving access.

Three separate organisations – Child Poverty Action Group, Disability Connect and Otara Health Charitable Trust, collaborated on this current study. A survey was developed which examined the extent to which health conditions and disabilities are prevalent amongst children in Otara. Families with children with disabilities or health conditions identified themselves to interviewers going door to door. The survey included questions to determine how many families are currently receiving the CDA and how many had previously applied but been declined. Information gathered through the survey made it possible for researchers to support families who wanted to apply for
the CDA.

The objectives of the explorative study were:
1. To establish current levels of access to the Child Disability Allowance (CDA) amongst families in Otara with disabled children;
2. To identify any barriers that Otara families with disabled children face in gaining access to a CDA;
3. To assist Otara families with disabled children who are not receiving their entitlements to a CDA to gain these entitlements through Ministry of Social Development;
4. To document participating families’ interactions with Ministry of Social Development to gain a CDA.

Click on the link below to read the evaluation report about the study.

Otara CDA Report