Hapori Whānui

Community Systems

Local Boards an Manawhenua hui at Ngāti Otara Marae Jan 2020.

 We know the challenges facing Otara Whānau are many, and complex. Untangling this complexity, largely a product of a long line of well meaning government policies and interventions, requires a different approach altogether.

We’re actively inviting stakeholders and service users to join us to work collaboratively using a results based accountability approach to explore how we can improve our community systems. We’ve been learning about and are practicing effective community consultation and community engagement practices because the knowledge and expertise to create solutions needs skilled community champions.

Through working across and within our community systems, we continue to support and advocate for a healthy community. This includes writing submissions to government, holding community information sessions on pertinent issues, and increasing community awareness of issues that affect the health of their families. We’re also now facilitating workshops with those interested in collaborating with us and others.

We’re keen to develop further strategic partnerships with key organisations where there’s a shared vision and greater gains to be achieved through collaboration. Will you join us? 

(Left.) Thriving Otara Movement Hui held at MIT Pasifika Centre. (Right.) Collaboration of Pacific Sporting or getting active organisations.