Neighbourhood Support

A connected neighbourhood is a healthy, happy and a safe neighbourhood. Otara Health has been working together with the Neighbourhood Policing Team since 2011 to connect neighbours and to build neighbourhood support groups. Otara Health works with a community development model and the Policing Team with a crime prevention model. Together we help to support a strong, safe and empowered community.

In July 2012 there were 52 established neighbourhood support groups in Otara. By April 2013 this had risen to 118. The original goal was to have 250 groups by 2017, although if the current growth rate continues we should far exceed our goal.

In March a number of the neighbourhood groups became involved with the Auckland Council long term goal of zero waste and plan to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. South Auckland are currently one of the biggest contributors to Auckland land fills. Auckland Council members are working together with Otara Health and the Neighbourhood support group leaders to increase awareness of the issues. Some neighbourhood groups are leading the way and looking at things they can do in their neighbourhood to minimise waste. Composting and gardening projects are proving very popular. These projects are also contributing to strengthening communities, assisting those with limited financial resources to gain some self sufficiency in providing food, and supporting healthy eating choices through the eating of delicious and generally spray and pesticide free produce.

If you would like to know more about neighbourhood support groups, or are interested in starting a group, contact Julia on 274 8355 or e-mail