Otara Housing Action Tank


Otara Health continues to advocate for safe and affordable housing in Otara. The Otara health and housing  campaign launched in 2000 ran for six (6) months with Otara Health at the helm. Residents of mixed ethnic backgrounds took on the challenge of the door to door campaign to engage with Otara residents in discussions on housing and health issues. The aim of that campaign was to provide Otara residents with clear information about housing matters that affect their health and well-being.

A second similar campaign launched two years later in 2002 with ‘Ambassadors’ selected in the same manor as previously. The aim of this second project was to visit all houses in Otara to discuss health and housing issues with the residents and deal with any agreed problems.

Today not much has changed, if anything things are much worse.  Otara Health’s Community Advisory Group issued a call to action around poor housing and the impact this is having on our community.

The Otara Housing Action Tank  (OHAT) formed earlier in 2015 in response to the call, is facilitated by Otara Health.

The OHAT members last met in November 2016, and due to dwindling stakeholder numbers they decided to continue this work within the collaborative framework and much larger initiative also facilitated by Otara Health with partners ONAC and Accelerating Otara,  called ‘Thriving Otara’.

Click on the link below to view the OHAT scorecard.

All People in Otara are Thriving in Healthy, Safe and Affordable Homes

Please contact Maddi  ph 2748355 or email maddi@otarahealth.org.nz if you have any queries about this kaupapa or input you might like to make.