Active Futures

Active Futures aims to promote better nutrition and increased physical activity for preschool children and their families. The programme is a comprehensive family based nutrition, activity, lifestyle and parenting skills intervention designed specifically for pre-school children in Counties Manukau. Through a mixture of home based face-to-face sessions and group sessions, we support families and whanau to make and sustain a range of positive lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term health and wellbeing benefits.

We employ appropriately skilled facilitators for the purpose of delivering this programme.

Active Futures covers a range of physical activity, nutrition (Wise Kai) and lifestyle sessions, including:
 Healthy Cooking

 Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

 Sporting Clinics  Shopping (Healthy, Mapping, Tips, etc.)

 Gardening for Health

 Parenting Support

Our staged programme (shown below) will step participants through a learning process, providing all the required skills and supports to make the necessary changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Using the referred child as the catalyst for engagement, the service has follow-on benefits for parents and the wider family/whanau.

Overview of programme
There are four stages after the initial referral is received and before graduation from the programme takes place –

Ua (rain); Puna (spring); Awa (river) and Moana (ocean).

The name of each stage reflects the budding source of water from a raindrop to the ocean, depicting the progression of a life journey – similar to the development of a child and the cycle of life – water being the beginning of life.
With the key educational aspects delivered over the first six months, participants will have access to follow-up support for as long as they feel they need it.

Referrals are received from B4SC Provider, General Practices or other health professionals who have identified children as obese (>98 percentile) at their B4SC check. The referrals received are processed by the Active Futures Team who then engage the consenting caregiver/parent and make contact within two working days to organise a home or office visit.

We notify the referring agent upon enrolment/decline and provide an update upon completion.

A presentation outlining the Active Futures journey takes place either in the family home, office site or at an agreed venue where the whanau feel comfortable. Families choosing to engage in the Active Futures programme can then make a commitment to participate in the programme and a registration process will be completed to engage the child and family.

For more information contact Maddi on 274 8355 or e-mail